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Site work.

Site work.

Site work.

If you are unfamiliar with the services, commercial excavators perform, we are always typically delivering the following work:

    Heavy Grading - Ddescribed as moving or removing, placing or replacing, grading or regarding significant volumes of that lovely red and reddish brown material called dirt or clay, so buildings, homes, and roads can be constructed, and the density of same, gives us additional justification to buy ever larger machinery.

    Site utilities - If it collects or manages rainwater, distributes drinking water, or helps tooty-frooty find its way to the sewage treatment plant, we install it all.

    Clearing and grubbing - When trees and roots have to be removed in preparation for grading, we like to perform this function as fast and efficiently as possible. CAT D6 and D7 bulldozers and a big CAT 325 excavator will clear an impressive area of woods in short order.

    Roadwork, Parking Lots and Curbs - In a typical year, we will build 2 miles of road, four to six parking lots, and manage the installation of hundreds to thousands of feet of concrete curbing, and the asphalt paving of same.

    Erosion and Soil Control measures - The least appreciated type of work in excavating, but with new state DCR oversight of Large ground disturbance projects, we know exactly what to do and why, to prevent water and mud leaving our sites, and to Maintain the E&S maintenance logs, newly required.

    Ponds - There isn't an excavator in business that doesn't enjoy building ponds, and we're no different. We have done several, and are always eager to build another one.

    Grinding - We now offer on site grinding. Peterson Inline Grinder 1050 HP on tracks, Cat 325 Excavator and Cat 320 with stump sheer.



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