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Our Employees

Isaac Shelley Isaac R. Shelley
Isaac is the President of Shelbeck Excavating LLC. Subsequent to a hitch in the Marine Reserves, Isaac gained experience in the excavation trade working for an irrigation and a plumbing contractor. A small opportunity arose to fix a septic field, and from that point 11 years ago he rapidly developed his own business installing septic fields. At age 21 he established Shelbeck Excavating and has built his business into a successful commercial site contracting company.

Jacob Shelley Jacob Shelley
Foreman, Jacob is Isaac’s younger brother and has been with Shelbeck since the beginning in 1997. He is an excellent machine operator and has helped the company grow tremendously over the years.

Dani Shelley Danette "Dani" Shelley
Dani is the bookkeeper and office manager. Dani has been involved in several businesses of her own and has been the bookkeeper for Shelbeck since the company started business.

Peter Rhett Peter Rhett
Estimator, joined Shelbeck Excavating in early 2005. He is very diligent obtaining good numbers for a bid and has a very sharp pencil.

Billy Jones Billy Jones
We were lucky to have Billy come to work for us in 2005. Billy is very dedicated and precise. He has many skills that are essential to smooth running on the job. He is also a full time farmer in addition to working at Shelbeck.

Jeff Harris Jeff Harris
Jeff has also been in construction for many years and operates several different pieces of equipment. He joined Shelbeck in December 2008.

Alex King Alex King
Alex joined Shelbeck a few years ago as an operator.

JJ Rogers JJ Rogers
JJ in an experienced operator and lives with his family in Fluvanna County, VA.

Jody Jody Shelly
Jody is our new Office Manager for Rockville Topsoil and Mulch yard. She worked in the Albemarle Court system for 20 years. Jody lives with Isaac and Parker in Fluvanna County.

Bubba Daniel (Bubba) Maxey
Bubba is the Shelbeck Topsoil and Compost Yard Manager. Bubba lives with his family Cartersville VA.

Parker Parker
Self-appointed shop foreman who likes to keep the shop in order, Parker has been hanging around Shelbeck since he was big enough to walk.


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